4 Preparations Before Diving in Similan Islands, Thailand

  • 26/02/2020
  • bagas
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You can enjoy the charm of beauty in Thailand in many ways. One of them is divng. It will be an exciting experience on your vacation.

For those of you who plan to dive, especially on large islands such as Similan Islands, or even going to do Similan liveaboard, try to pay attention to these four things.

Have a Diving Certificate

To do diving, you must have a diving certificate. Currently, many organizations hold training for beginners. After completing it, you will get a diving certificate or permit from the organization. If you do not have a certificate, at least you must have a special instructor to accompany during diving.

Being in a Healthy Physical Condition

The underwater environment is certainly not the same as on land, so we need extra energy. The preparation before diving is to prepare a fit physical condition. It is essential to avoid a dangerous situation.

Using Complete Diving Equipment

Due to environmental differences, a diver needs to adjust the body to the water. For this reason, we need equipment to help us move and breathe.

Diving equipment has two basic equipment, namely diving and SCUBA. The basic device consists of masks, snorkels, fins, diving suits, and ballast belts. On the other hand, SCUBA consists of a buoyancy control device, regulator (depth gauge, compass, and tube pressure gauge), and SCUBA tube.

Being a Responsible Divers

As a person who cares about the preservation of nature, diving should aim to keep the underwater world sustainable, natural, and clean. Never disturb biota or marine animals, coral reefs, fish, starfish, and sea turtles. If you see rubbish on the seabed, then please take it and throw it into the trash.

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