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Different Types of Dog Grooming Products When we speak of dog grooming, it includes the hygienic care and cleaning of your dog. It is for show or competitions that dog grooming is utilized so that the dog’s physical appearance is enhanced. Though grooming is a vital part in the well-being and health of a dog, how much grooming depends on the breed, age, or health of the pet or over a specific time of the year. Dog’s shed and this is a very important thing to note. Dog shedding is the casting off of its fur often but not only just its outer layer. They do shed either at specific times of the year or at specific points in its life cycle. It is also good to note that Poodles and some other breeds do not shed and therefore the need to profusely groom them every six to eight weeks maximum is required. So, while we cannot go wrong with the need to groom our pet, we can go wrong in choosing a grooming equipment that best fits our pets need. Dog owners can be mistaken in choosing the best grooming equipment for their dogs because they can be tempted to choose only according to their fancy rather than according to the dog’s needs and the functions of the equipment.
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When you think of dog grooming, you should not only think of cleaning your dog’s coat and body and the equipment necessary for this because you need to clean every part of your dog that make sure that it grows healthy, active, and happy.
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Brushes and combs are a vital equipment that every dog owner must have, but then again, it is important to note that brushes and combs go beyond their use as cleaning tools. Brushes and combs are used to keep the dog’s coat to stay healthy and shiny all the time. Brush and comb can also be used to prevent and remove tangles and mats. You should have trimmers, scissors, and clippers as part of your grooming equipment especially if you have a dog with long coat. Like humans having wild long hair are dogs with long coats; both get easily irritated with their hairs. If there is hair on the dog’s face, it can distract its line of vision and make it hesitant and fearful of thing. If the dog’s coat is untrimmed or uncut, it will lead to unhealthy coat growth. Nail clippers or cutters is also one invaluable tools that one has to have especially if your pet does not have an active lifestyle. The scissors type and the guillotine style clippers are the two types of clippers. Teeth and ear cleaners are essential to maintain clean health teeth and clean ears. It also includes tick remover and hair puller.