Four Things That Are Only in Spain

Spain is a very popular county in the world to visit. There are many things to do and beautiful places to see when you are in Spain, and many of these activities can only be done in Spain. All of these activates are easy to get to thanks to cheap flights from loads of destinations. So, we have compiled a list of activities you should do in Spain that you cannot do anywhere else in the world.


Take a Walk over the Scariest Pathway in the World

Many thrill-seekers and rock climbers from all over the world come to Spain to test their adrenaline limits at the small village of El Chorro. El Chorro is located northwest of Malaga, and is near the area that people claim is the “world’s scariest pathway”. The pathway is a meter-wide path that hangs from the sheer rock face above Gaitanes Gorge. While the path is very scenic, the hike is hard because there are huge areas that have holes or are missing.


Ride the Only Zip Line in the World that is International

This fact is not known by many people, but Spain has the only international zip line in the world. The zip line starts in Sanlucar de Guadiana and finishes in Alcoutim, Algardve. The ride is only one minute long, but you will be moving a whole hour forward in time because the two countries are in different time zones.


Eat Real Tapeo

In the last few years, Tapeos have become a popular party snack around the world. However, most of these are nowhere close to the ones that are served in Spain. The best options for eating real Tapeo is in Granada and Madrid because both areas have kept the tradition of free tapas alive. Tapeo is not just about the food, it is the pastime of Spain that is made up of socialising, drinking and eating in an atmosphere that is friendly. There are many places that offer tapas during happy hour, so keep your eye out as you may be surprised just how many places have kept this tradition alive.


Festival of Near-Death Experiences

Spain is known for the crazy festivals that take place every year.  The Pamplona Bull Run is one of the most dangerous festivals in the world. However, the weirdest one is a festival called La Fiesta De Santa Marta de Ridarteme, which takes place in Las Nieves, Galicia. This festival celebrates the locals who had near-death experiences in the last year. The festival has a solemn procession of people playing dead in coffins being carried to the church and then to the cemetery.


There are many other hidden treasures in Spain. Spain’s culture and history has made it a very unique country, which is why thousands of people visit the country every year.