I Shopped the Atlanta Duty Free Section While Waiting for a Delayed Flight Home

Delayed flights can be a pain, especially if you just checked out of your hotel and expected to be going home. I could wait six hours or take a flight the next day. I decided to just hang around. I was trying to compute how long it would take to eat a slow dinner and maybe watch part of a baseball game I wanted to see on TV. Well, dinner went fast, and the game was not being televised locally. I decided to go and shop the Atlanta duty free retail outlets for a while instead. I have flown a lot of times, but I do not usually shop for things in airports. I will pick up little things here and there. I have bought magazines, newspapers, snacks, lip balm and stuff like that. However, I never shopped for bigger items such as clothing, jewelry and gifts.

While I was shopping, I found a nice gift for my wife that I have never seen in any mall or outlet store that sells jewelry. It was a locket on a gold chain that I knew she would really like. The shop had a lot of other interesting things. I picked up a set of earrings for our daughter and a watch for my mother. She had been saying she wanted a certain kind of watch for her birthday, and I found one that matched what she wanted in every detail at the Atlanta duty free shop I was in. I had even looked online and not found one that had all the features she wanted that was fashionable enough for a woman to wear.

I look at the duty free stores in the airport a little different now. Other than stopping at one of the convenience kind of stores, I never looked at the duty free shops. I have eaten at airport restaurants, but the stores in the international departure section never held any interest for me. I figured I could just find the same things at stores close to me at home.