Learn How to Handle the Situation When He Pulls Away

As someone who is currently in a relationship, you may have noticed that this guy is pulling away a bit. When this happens, never assume that the relationship is doomed. Instead, look at it differently. There is an amazing guy who was enjoying life while going out with friends and not a lot of responsibility. Before he knew what happened, he was in a relationship with a great girl and now he is missing his freedom even though he is completely satisfied with the relationship. If this has happened, don’t worry about it just yet. Instead, understand that when he pulls away, it isn’t because he is happy. Instead, it just means that he needs some time.

One thing is for certain, if you are expecting him to come back, don’t nag him about being gone. Instead, let him know he is appreciated when he does call or text. If he shows up on the doorstep to surprise his lady to take her out for the evening, go have a good time. Never ask him why he didn’t call. This is only going to make things worse. Understand, it is not personal. He just needs some space.

Generally, a break from one another is a great way to strengthen a relationship. Don’t get discouraged about ending the relationship. If he wants to break up, he will generally be very honest about it. He probably just needs to go out with some friends, relax and clear his mind. He will come back with a better attitude and ready to put everything into this relationship.

While he is gone, go ahead and work on yourself. Learn how to be happy spending time alone. By doing this, both people will truly be able to enjoy a relationship. If you are dependent upon having a guy there at all times, it is never going to work. He is going to want some space as well. Give it to him and rest assured, things will work out as planned. He is never going to want to commit to a woman who is constantly nagging him about spending time alone.