Mom´s favorite passtime while sitting on a Portable Hammock

As a child when we went to the lake camping gear, my mom always said that her favorite passtime was reading the Bible or a good book, but when we went to the lake it was even more her favorite passtime because she would sit out all day under the shade and read her book while we went around exploring the great outdoors.  Many times we´d go out swimming or hiking and came back to find mom with a look of utter peace after having spent time reading the Bible.  In those days we couldn´t afford a good hammock, so she would sit out on a fold out lawn chair  but now that we are older my family and I want to invite her to go camping with us again, but I want to find her the perfect Coleman hammock that would help her remember those wonderful days of how she spent her favorite passtime.

I am on the verge of making the decision…but I am exploring my options. Coleman has had hammocks for years and is known for their line of professionalism when it comes to designing great portable hammocks. They are built for endurance and for resistence against wear and tear since the material is made out of polyester.  Portable hammocks have a frame made of heavy duty steel making it sturdy so that she isn´t afraid that it won´t support her.  With one fold she is ready to move to the next area to find the shade when the sun advances in the sky.


With portable hammock stands she will enjoy hearing all of the sounds that the outdoors bring from waves splashing on the shore to birds calling out one to another to even the wind how it flows so softly. While reading her Bible or a very interesting book it will be easy for her to not hear you when sneaking up behind her.

With this outdoor hammock can spend the whole day reading and might even want to fall asleep enjoying her other favorite passtime, sleeping out under the stars.  I remember when I was a child how she always would prefer sleeping out under the stars.  She always said that this made her feel closer to heaven and God, which she always said that these two things were her favorite passtimes- staying in a hammock while reading and sleeping out under the stars.  So this portable hammock stand would be a great investment for her pleasure and mine seeing that wonderful peaceful smile again.

She would enjoy the converta-cot by that sets like a lawn chair would help her remember those days, because at that time we couldn´t afford a portable hammock a simple lawn chair was her place of comfort.  Now a Converta-cot is the perfect replacement for that old fold out lawn chair.  With this chair in the day she can adjust so that she could sit reading and at night flatten it out more to use it for sleeping on.

With the perfect Sleeping bag opened up my mom is quickly asleep in her portable hammock.  I am the happiest person knowing that I made her feel wonderful again.