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The Most Beautiful Spots for Foreigners in the Country of Japan

Going for a vacation to a different country is every single person’s desire. Experiencing new cultures and great ambience is what the people wants and needs during their vacation on those foreign countries. There is probably nobody in this world that would pass up the chance of taking a break from their work and going for a vacation in a different location for a certain amount of time. It is a fact that each and every countries in every parts of the world have their own uniqueness when it comes to its beauty and culture. And one of the best places that you can visit of which you will surely not regret even a little bit is the country generally known as Japan.

Japan is rich in culture and heritage of which they should be proud of. Most of the greatest technological innovations was greatly influenced and developed in the country of Japan. The country of Japan have a lot of amazing and enchanting tourist spots and attractions, and the locals are producing and creating events and activities specifically designed for tourists. The Jigodukani Monkey Park which is situated in the city of Nagano, is one of the most visited destination in the country of Japan. The Jigodukani Monkey Park is not just famous for its park full of monkeys, but it also have hot springs that tourists tends to enjoy during their visit. The tourists chose to visit the Jigokudani Monkey Park primarily because of the wild snow monkeys that are going to the cliffs and sit beside them in the hot springs during winter. Another great tourist destination in the country of Japan is called as the Golden Pavilion which is located in Kyoto City. The Golden Pavilion is built as a Zen temple which is basically a tribute Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, who is a late shogun, but in the late 1950’s, a young monk has burnt down the temple. Fortunately it was rebuilt and recovered to look exactly as it was originally intended, of which it is basically covered by gold leaf which reflects and highlights the pavilion in the pond as well as the reflection of the pond on the building. One of the best places to visit and find in the country of Japan is their restaurants that are offering their own delicious and unique cuisine which you will not be able to try in other parts of the world. Japan seriously has a lot of amazing tourist spots and amazing delicacies as well, that we literally will not be able to cover in this single article, but you will definitely not regret on choosing Japan as your next vacation spot.

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