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Thailand Retirement Visas A lot of foreigners would want to go to Thailand to retire for a variety of reasons. With just a minimum amount, you can travel to Thailand and even live there. Qualifications needed would be to be at least 50 years old, be healthy physically, and can also financially support themselves while retiring in Thailand. You can get in touch with a Thai consulate in order to get updated information from them. Websites are not updated and rules and regulations are subject to change.
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You could also be guided by the embassy to download all the forms you need. Fill out the application form, medical clearance, personal data, and also a police records check.
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You would need to have a visa sized photo for submission together with the application. This medical check is so that they can detect from diseases like tuberculosis, drug addiction, syphilis or leprosy. Tests could run for about a week. Police record checks could be international or local. You can contact a neighborhood police station and inquire about a background check. This would also take one to two weeks. Financial documents will support the application for the visa. You may need to show a copy of your updated statements, tax returns, as well as a retirement account statement. A letter explaining your money and pension status can also help. You can also give a copy of your passport photo page. You can also keep a constant communication with your Thai consulate to make sure that all the requirements are meant. In case there are different requirements or copies needed, you will be able to fulfill them. In order to travel around with more ease, multiple entry visas will be more appropriate. When you have already stayed in Thailand, you would need to check in with local Thai immigration office every 90 days as well as apply for an extension after one year. Retirement visas are easy enough to get. It is important that you give enough time to accomplish the necessary requirements in order to obtain the retirement visa. In order to have a successful application and also to get the proper help, lawyers can also assist you in processing your visa. You can retire in Thailand if you are fond of the beach and marine life. You can go to Thailand in order to immerse yourself in their culture. The climate is one thing that can appeal to people when it comes to retiring. There are a lot of people who find Thailand an attractive place to retire in. Thailand has the natural beauty, developing economy, and a low cost of living which makes it ideal for retirement. You can have fun and reap the fruits of your hard work when you plan to retire in Thailand.