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The Basics of Website Design A field that requires creativity and is always evolving as the years pass is known as web design. Sites which are unique and those that offer great functionalities can be created with the help of the new technology and innovation. Web designing in 2017 has seen the entry of trends that are common. Custom illustration are the best way to add visuals on the screen, it is a very versatile solution. Unique and fun touches on the site can be created using these illustrations which are friendly and playful. The brand’s personality and tone can be matched to the illustrations created with the help of a qualified illustrator. The increasing competition online makes it wise for one to make a website that stands out. To make the site consistent, the illustrations can be used on the custom iconography and header images. Bold typography is the other trend. Eye catching bold and big typography can be used to evoke emotions, create personality and to set the right tone. Sharp screen resolutions enable text to be easily read. Unique hand- rendered designs that stand out can now be created. This option can be integrated with dynamic text that combines parallax scrolling and image layering.
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A reputable brand can be created when a website uses authentic photography. Stock photos that are used by most sites can be easily detected as they lack originality. The focus of the authenticity of the photographs used on the website has increased among web designers. Professional photographers have been hired by most web designers to provide 100% authentic and appealing photos that match the website content.
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Another trend is the design of websites with a mobile responsive approach. Since many people own smartphones that they use for Internet access had resulted to the increasing demand for mobile responsive sites. When the site is being built, they take into consideration the limitations of mobile phones such as small screen size. A mobile phone has certain limitations such as a small screen size which are considered when the site is being built. The screen display may show less content. Due to this, the core message should be displayed on the website so that the target audience can be reached. Websites that are mobile responsive can also use various features such as extra content, visual bells and whistles. Despite this, most of these features are better on larger screens. A website will be captivating if it is designed with the right principles. A website that stands out and one that attracts the target audience is possible to create. There are a range of design techniques and resources that are available online to assist with the design.