What to do during holidays? Read online comics

Holidays are the best period of the year. After many months of work, school lessons, homeworks, we finally have a lot of free time to spend as we prefer. This amount of free time is often as big that, after all the things we’ve programmed to do, there are still some empty weeks to spend. A good way to spend your free time is reading: there are a lot of interesting books to read, many of any kind you like. Books can attract your attention giving you the chance to explore an alternative reality through the adventures of the characters, making you able to live a double holiday: one in your reality, and another in the book’s one. Despite all the opportunities offered by the novel’s literature, many people could consider books as too much challenging for an holiday reading: don’t worry, books are not the only things to read! Even if they are often undervalued, comics are a very important choice to read something pleasant and less challenging than books. As for the novels, there are a lot of kinds of comics, and often it’s possible even to read them on your mobile phone even without pay for it.
A new endearing online comic is Iron Clawed (it’s possible to read it at ironclawed.com). Created by Ivan Jurkovic, it takes place in the year 2014 of an alternative universe where the second world war never ended due the overtaking of Germany by the Capitan Kragen and his robotic army. Populated by people with orange or green skin, this alternative universe shows a very less advanced technology and old fashioned equipment employed to combat the daily battles that erupts everywhere to oppose the Kragen mission of exterminating all the human race. On this setting takes place the story of Ivan, the protagonist, and his friends Nicolas and Spiro, starting from when they are transferred in the tank unit duty. Their excellent team has to support the allies’ formation composed by Russia, America ad United Kingdom against the army of the Fourth Reich joined by the robotic soldier created by the German scientists under Hitler request and commanded by Kragen, to save the organic life on heart.