Famous Historic Places in Canada You Should Not Miss

  • 28/09/2022
  • bagas
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While you’re waiting for your Canada eta application, why don’t you start planning the places you want to visit? You can start with some of the most famous historical sites Canada has to offer. There are undoubtedly many attractions you can visit, but here are some sights you should visit for you to love and appreciate Canada more.

The Fortress of Louisbourg

Kick start your journey by going to where it all began. Canada wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the Fortress of Louisbourg, which makes it the most critical and significant national historic site in the country. The fortress became the site to some of the most crucial and monumental battles during the Anglo-French time. Behind those fortified walls are some of Canada’s rich history.

The fortress is always open to anyone, especially those who want to feel like they’re in a different era. There are many ways for you to explore what lies behind those walls, and there are even some guided walking tours. Whether you decide to go alone or with a group, you won’t leave the fortress empty-handed. You will be bringing back a better appreciation of Canadian history.

Terry Fox Memorial – Thunder Bay, Ontario

If you don’t know yet, Terry Fox is one of Canada’s most well-known icon and even around the world. His memorial serves as a remembrance of his courage and quest to make the world we live in a better place. Terry Fox is an inspiration to many people in Canada, and he inspired people to raise funds and uplift the lives of cancer patients. He is noteworthy for his dedication to cancer research.

The memorial overlooks the beautiful Lake Superior, giving you an image you can never forget. Terry Fox is the epitome of who Canadians want or strive to be. His story is relatable to many people and pushes many people to move forward and better. Indeed, he became the inspiration for many Canadians.

Fairmont Chateau Frontenac – Quebec City

Canada has such a diverse culture that it shouldn’t surprise you that they have some of the most varied and rich architecture. Fairmont Chateau is one of the most beautiful buildings in Canada, and you might have even chanced upon its picture somewhere along the way. The Chateau is a National Historic site, and it has a very grandiose nature. The architecture looks picturesque alongside the blue clouds and green landscapes.

Back in the days, the Chateau used to be a hotspot for many wealthy travelers. Nothing has changed today, except the fact that it now carries a rich history. The outside of the chateau is breathtaking in itself, but wait until you get inside. The inside is just as beautiful with its unique and over the top decorations and architecture.

Dawson, Yukon Territory

If you want to be transported in time, make a quick detour to Dawson’s. Head up north, and you’ll find some of Canada’s beautiful landscape in Dawson. The charming little town will overwhelm you with its well preserved and rich history. Despite being a small town, you’d be surprised by the number of activities you can do. If you’re an adventurer and nature lover, this town is definitely for you.

Dawson is a perfect place for anyone wanting to escape the city life. They have a great outdoor landscape suitable for hiking and rafting. There are also some areas for you to chill and relax like the local pubs and shops. The travel going up north will take some time, but it’s a journey you wouldn’t want to miss.

Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The canal has an impressive an beautiful landscape and is one of the most popular among destinations and locals. The canal is a perfect place for sight-seeing, and you can even canoe through the river. The canal links to a chain of lakes and rivers, making it an ideal medium for getting around. If your Canadian visa comes around winter, then make sure to head straight to the Canal and watch it transform into a big skating ring.

There are many destinations you can visit once you get your canadian visa uk. Whatever it is that you’re looking for: culture, architecture, sights, and sounds, Canada has it. Your journey to Canada will definitely be something you’ll look forward to, and a journey you’ll never forget.