In Canada Top Travel Destination

Old Montreal

is one of the oldest areas in montreal, quebec. The air structure has a distinctive style to the French-prancisan make this area also mention as a “new france”.
would be very romantic if you take a walk with your spouse around to enjoy the beauty of the buildings in the city.

Butcharts Garden

here you can see the beauty of the garden that serves a variety of contexts. No Japanese Garden, Italian Garden, Lawn Concert Walk, Sunken Garden, Mediterranean Garden there is also Rose Garden which is very intriguing.

Niagara Waterfall

Niagara Falls is located at the international border between the New York American, and the province of Ontario Canada. Niagara Falls is a waterfall that is very large in the flow of the Niagara River. beautiful makes Niagara Falls as a tourist and romantic and favorite to visit.For more information, you can visit

Bay of Fundy

On the east coast of Canada, there is a view of the bay called the Bay of Fundy in this bay are dramatic and romantic. the occurrence of tidal extremes and beauty of the rock formations on the coast capable of soothing sight especially when viewed from the point of location, altitude precipice Area Bay of Fundy.

Rocky Mountains

more than three thousand miles of these beautiful mountains stretching from British Columbia in Canada to New Mexico in the United States. here you can do some activities such as hiking, climbing, rafting, downhill cycling, skiing, horseback riding, fishing, or perhaps just a picnic and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Baffin Island

is the largest island in Canada and the country is also one of the larger islands in the world.
offered from this island is that you can see the beauty of the wild nature that may only be in Canada. wild animals such as whales, polar bears, arctic foxes, rabbits the North Pole, wolves, seals