Take a vacation in Khao Phing or James Bond Island

  • 21/09/2019
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Visiting Thailand, it is incomplete if you don’t visit the beautiful islands, the mandatory destination you must visit is Khao Phing Kan or often called James Bond Island in addition to phi island.

Its unique shape is similar to a needle which is nothing but a stone cliff that rises high in the middle of the sea making it a unique place to take pictures.

Get to know James Bond Island more closely

Although in Phuket there are many interesting islands to visit such as phi phi island, which are islands consisting of steep limestone rings that surround two shallow bays, Maya Bay and Loh Samah. At low tide, Maya Bay cannot be accessed directly from the sea by boat. Ships must dock at Loh Samah deeper, which requires people to walk through short sections of rock and forest to reach Maya Bay itself. In addition to the Maya bay, the rising island of Phuket is James Bond Island Tours. Landmarks with karst stones or limestone cliffs in the middle of the sea make this island visited by tourists.

James Bond Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Phang Nga Bay. Most travel agents in the area include James Bond Island in their Travel Plans. To get to this island, people can take advantage of tour packages in Phang Nga Bay, including canoes or visit other lagoons in the area. The most popular way to visit is to take a longtail boat, which can also access other nearby islands.

James Bond Island is a destination you should not miss in Phuket. Because of the amazing scenery, and charming laughter.

In Thailand, James Bond Island is also called Ko Tapu. The island belongs to a group of islands called Khao Phing Kan, which means “Island with sloping hills,” in Thailand.

The origin of Ko Tapu has an interesting myth. According to legend, a fisherman fished in the waters where the island of rocks is today. This fisherman catches a lot of fish every day, but one day, what he catches with his net is a nail. He threw the nail back into the water, but when he threw the net, he caught it again – no fish in sight. In anger, he hits the nail with a sharp object with all his strength, forcing half the nail to jump into the water, which causes an increase in the rock formation which is the Ko Tapu.

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