Top 3 AI Real-Time Video Editing Tools in 2022

  • 14/06/2022
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Nowadays, surviving in the competitive battle for winning customers’ or investors’ attention requires the development of the appropriate marketing strategy. Videos have recently become one of the most effective promotional tools. There is a reason why many social networks and video hosting platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook are expanding their user capabilities and providing more and more opportunities to post both long videos and reels. 

However, if you want your video content to clearly stand out from that of your competitors, you need to make sure that it is of both high-quality and unique nature. Various video editors, such as Banuba video editor SDK. Its specific feature is that it uses artificial intelligence in operation, which will greatly help to promote the business. Nowadays, Banuba video editor SDK is one of the popular applications. Still, there are also other options. In this article, we will analyze what is special about video editing with artificial intelligence, what applications use this technology, and how it can help business development. 

3 Top Video Editing SDKs to Grow Your Video App Startup

Today developers offer almost a dozen different applications for producing and editing video. In order not to get confused with this variety, here are three of the most popular video editing SDK options. They’re popular with video makers around the world and get thousands of positive reviews. 

One of the main criteria for users is always ease of use. The set of options that are featured in the application is also important. Even inexperienced users should be able to quickly and easily figure out the editor’s controls and features – this is an essential requirement. After all, this determines how quickly and effectively this marketing tool will work. 

No. 1: Banuba Video Editor SDK

As of today, many video makers have come to the consensus that this AI-based video Banuba is currently one of the best solutions in this field. Unlike other options, it involves different technologies. It is a comprehensive virtual tool that enables users to develop custom software products. This SDK makes creating applications much easier. It means that you can easily integrate Banuba functionality into your product. The features of this 

An AI-powered video editor includes:

  • high-quality face filters; 
  • Unity face-tracking technology; 
  • augmented reality function for processing selfies; 
  • possibility to use augmented reality in real-time; 
  • reels editing features in one SDK.

To implement all of the above features, Banuba uses face or body tracking and segmentation, gesture-based control, as well as a background swap feature to help ensure confidentiality during video conferencing. 

This interesting and unique functionality will be a great solution for different types of businesses. You can integrate an augmented reality-based video editor into your application using the Al Video Editing SDK. The animated effects, high-quality processing options, and professional filters enable you to boost new customer acquisition and retain old ones. 

Thus, the popularity of the brand and the number of downloads of the app increases to a great extent. Furthermore, the video editor does not collect any user data. This means that all the algorithms can operate offline and user content is stored on the smartphone, rather than on the company’s servers.

No. 2: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe is a great software for your laptop or desktop computer. You can use it to turn unprocessed video into a real masterpiece of cinematography. It is suitable for producing short reels that are a few seconds long, as well as genuine movies. 

Here you can make basic editing and also adjust the audio track, as well as perform color correction with utmost accuracy. Features of this application include:

  • the possibility to automatically select the appropriate color of the video; 
  • the settings are made using the face recognition function; 
  • high-quality muting of the sound in the required parts of the video; 
  • creating natural and realistic effects by superimposing multiple layers; 
  • it has a user-friendly and adaptive interface; 
  • it supports VR editing;
  • it supports almost all video formats.

The main advantage of Adobe is the setup of automated tasks, which obviously helps to save time and effort in processing content in the future. Facial recognition will help you find the most appropriate skin tone. If your video contains dialogs or speech, the application can easily mute the background music without affecting the audio track of the conversations. 

No. 3: Magisto

This is one of the most efficient video editors that uses artificial intelligence for its operation. It can easily help you transform a video or a picture into an interesting and beautiful video clip or even a full-fledged movie. When it comes to the possibilities it offers, the limit is the imagination of the video maker. This software can be used to create not only light and entertaining reels but also serious video clips. Its main functions include: 

  • high-quality sound effects with the original license; 
  • artificial intelligence, which facilitates and accelerates the interaction with the content; 
  • the possibility to adjust the settings so that the editing process progresses semi-automatically, almost without human intervention; 
  • the application cuts the best pieces of video, improves them to perfection, and creates full-fledged clips from them; 
  • Magisto mobility enables you to create and edit videos at any time and in any place; 
  • it supports cross-channel content distribution and hosting.

Even an inexperienced user can upload the content, choose an editing style, and attach a suitable soundtrack without much difficulty or time expenditure with the help of this application. And artificial intelligence will help to properly analyze the video and process it depending on your audience and technical requirements. 

With Magisto, you can analyze the profile of a potential customer in real-time, understand his/her behavior and figure out exactly what he/she wants to see in a particular video clip. Based on this data, an effective marketing tool is created. Furthermore, after publishing video content, the application can analyze its performance and suggest options for improvement.

Real-time video editing: Operating Features. So How Can Artificial Intelligence Help During Video Processing  

So how can artificial intelligence help during video production and processing? First, you can produce cool videos for your social networks or integrate these features into your app. Second, it comes with certain features that you can apply to your content with just a few clicks. 

For example, it can be a beauty effect, such as a special face mask, that can be used with both selfies and videos. Or you can add an augmented reality mask, video effects, slow down or accelerate video, apply a caption or GIF, choose a color filter, combine several pictures on one screen, change the background, overlay or change the soundtrack, and create an interesting transition between video tracks. 

All of the above features will help expand the capabilities of your application for real-time video editing or create unique content that will attract even more subscribers on social networks.  

How to Choose an Appropriate AI Video Editor

Although most editors are similar, they may have a particular emphasis when it comes to their functions. Some may focus on picture quality and color adjustment, while others may focus on animation and augmented reality. In order to avoid making a mistake when choosing software, you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with each of the proposed options. First of all, it is essential to make a choice between software or SDK. For example, the SDK is a more versatile tool because it provides more features in a single package. It is easily customizable, so it adjusts to your product more efficiently. Unlike software, the AI video editor is pre-optimized for mobile devices. It’s also intuitive to use and packed with different ready-to-use features like filters, professional color correction tools, and volumetric selfies masks. It is highly recommended to check compatible platforms and applicable technical requirements for the operation of a particular editor.